Recyclable Gift Wrapping

We always strive to maximize our resources. For example, when we print our customer's decals on an A3 sheet, we would include decals of smaller sizes (usually one for your mobile phone) so as to fill the empty spaces on the sheet.
And no, we don't charge our customer for any extras. 

Then what exactly is recycled gift wrapping? Are we using newspapers to wrap?

Hah, good sense of humor. Well, we use recyclable materials such as our brown recyclable packaging box like this:

Hadia SG recyclable box packaging tied with natural jute twine

We are doing our best to avoid using plastic packaging because we want to do anything we can to preserve Mother Earth. 


How can you play a part?

You too can be part of our mission! To begin with, when you opt for our gift wrapping service, you can reuse the box packaging to store your items at home. Or, you can reuse it to gift wrap your gift to someone else.

We deliberately print our labels on removable stickers so you can always remove our labels when you intend to reuse the box as a gift box!

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