Proud Reseller of Kucaté

Once upon a time, Arif and Shasha, co-founders of HADIA SG, found it difficult to meet halfway when it comes to preparing hot teas. Arif loves it very sweet but Shasha either prefers it with no sugar at all or settles for a cube of raw sugar.
When they had their first Kucaté teas, they knew it was the solution to their first marital challenge. Having the teas flavoured was a plus point because Shasha loves them more! Like they say, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". 
So they lived happier than ever.

Hey guys! We were thrilled to learn that we can resell these teas.
Ever since we had one, we knew that we need to spread the goodness of these teas. We dare not to say this is the most healthiest tea or it is good for diabetics etc.
If you are a tea lover and you just want a hot cup of tea to start your day, try Kucaté. In this blog article, we share with you the benefits of each flavour we carry. We started reselling these under our very first care package - Ramadan Care Package - and intend to continue by complementing these teas with our current gifts. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know or follow us on our IG @hadiasgofficial.

Kucaté's teas would be the most soothing and sweetest-smelling tea you would ever have. They use real edible wildflowers, dried herbs, and wildflower honey.

HADIA SG reselle Kucaté tea - Habbatus Sauda & Lemon

Habbatus Sauda is famously known to reduce high blood pressure, relieve respiratory issues and support your heart function.

Lemon helps with indigestion, reduces cholesterol and is a rich source of vitamin C.


HADIA SG reselle Kucaté tea - Ginger & Chrysanthemum


Ginger is widely known to ease digestion discomforts, nauseating morning sicknesss, headaches and migraines. It also eases menstrual cramps with its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Chrysanthemum brings the added benefit of regulating your body temperature and helps to reduce signs of aging. 

BEAU-TEA - ROSE & CHRYSANTHEMUMHADIA SG reselle Kucaté tea - Rose & Chrysanthemum

Stay Beau-Teafull with Kucate Rose wild flower honey herbs tea.

Dried rose petal contains Vitamin E & C which are essential in promoting healthy skin and maintaining a healthy immune function.

Chrysanthemums are known for its benefit to cool down the body and reduce signs of aging.


HADIA SG reselle Kucaté tea - Osmanthus & Longan


Osmanthus brings calming properties to promote better rest, deep sleep and reduce stress-related problems such as anxiety.

Rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to your body, longan is also known for boosting milk production in breastfeeding mother.

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